Invisible lovers, robots e Tyrolese shorts – Day 2

Diary – Wednesday, November 2nd

The films of the day
15:00 – Sala Tripcovich | Realive [Proyecto Lázaro]
— Mateo Gil
Marc came back from the Realm of the Dead, brought back to life by a Prodigy Health Corporation scientific project. How will his life be after life? By the screenwriter of Vanilla Sky and >em>Mare Dentro, a story about technology, death and future in a world where the underworld doesn’t last forever.

17:00 – Teatro Miela | La Rage du Demon
— Fabien Delage
A cursed film that may cause savage acts of violence. Is really Georges Méliès the author of this film that seems to have supernatural powers?

17:30 – Sala Tripcovich | Creative Control
— Benjamin Dickinson
Sex, lies and augmented reality on the background of an unsaturated version of Brooklyn.

18:30 – Teatro Miela | Vulcania
— José Skaf
A man broken by pain discovers that his curse is actually what can save the whole community. A fascinating dystopian story coming from Spain.

20:00 – Sala Tripcovich | Mon Ange
— Harry Cleven
A love story between a blind girl and an invisible boy. A new poetic tale written and produced by the duo including Thomas Gunzig and Jaco Van Dormael, the great pair that produced The Brand New Testament.

22.15 – Sala Tripcovich | Kill Command
— Steve Gomez
A terrifying military robot horde to fight. Will our heroes be able to face their metallic brutality?

00.00 – Teatro Miela | Attack of the Lederhosenzombies
— Dominik Hartls
Zombies, beer and Tyrolese shorts. What else do you need?

TS+FF Fantastic Shorts
14:30 – Teatro Miela | Fantastic Short vol.1
Dawn of the Deaf — Rob Savage. GB 2016.
The Babysitter — Frédéric Chalté. Canada 2016.
The Garden — Natalia Iyudin. USA 2015.
Saint Frankenstein — Scooter McCrae. USA 2015.
Sector D — Eldar Shibanov. Kazakistan 2015.
Eigengrau — Tomer Yaacoby. Israele 2015.
Golden Shot — Gökalp Gönen. Turchia 2015.
Lunatique — Gabriel Kalim Mucci. Brasile 2016.
Story of R35 — Vladimir Vlasenko. Ucraina 2014.

Sci-Fi Classix

20:45 – Teatro Miela | Per Aspera ad Astra
— Ričard Viktorov
A space ship abandoned in the deep space. An artificial creature with superpowers. A rescue mission on a dying planet. Destination: Dessa. One of the masterpieces of the Soviet science-fiction production in a restored version.

TS+FF Extra

dalle 10:15 – Magazzino delle Idee | Incontri di Futurologia

ore 11:00 – departure from Associazione Casa del Cinema di Trieste | Esterno/Giorno
A walk in the cinematographic Trieste to find out more about sets and locations in the city. From The Invisible Boy to The English Patient, passing by The Godfather – part II.

ore 14:00+16:30 – Magazzino delle Idee | Fantastic Lab
Discoverying the excitement at the base of cinema.
A workshop to reveal what is hidden behind the magic of the moving images. The participants – teens – will make small objects simulating the cinematographic vision to find out the secrets of the first films.

For the Love of TS+FF – Day 1

“Stars’ War”, the Web Critics Award of Trieste Science+Fiction Festival