Giant mutant insects, forgotten epidemics and Roland Garros – Day 3

Diary – Thursday, November 3rd

The films of the day
14:30 – Sala Tripcovich | The Open
— Marc Lahore
The bombs have exploded, the war is spread worldwide, but André and Stéphanie won’t give up: the Roland Garros means everything to them, it’s what they are living for. They will organize their tournament, no matter what. Even without rackets, even without balls, with nothing but the indestructible strength of their faith.

17:00 – Teatro Miela | Sum of Histories [Terug Naar Morgen]
— Lukas Bossuyt
What would you do if you could send an e-mail back to the past? Would you run the risk of changing the course of events? A Flemish love story; a sci-fi romance swinging between the past, the present and the future.

17:30 – Sala Tripcovich | Approaching the Unknown
— Mark Elijah Rosenberg
A solo journey to planet Mars: the captain William D. Stanaforth has organized his mission paying attention to the smallest details… but if everything went according to the plans it wouldn’t be fun!

19:30 – Teatro Miela | Almost Dead
— Giorgio Bruno
Accidents! Zombies! Lethal viruses!, and no more than six hours to change the destiny of humanity. Hard times for Doctor Hope Walsh, but her name seems to ignite a quivering flame of hope…

20:00 – Sala Tripcovich | Embers
— Claire Carré
How would our life be if every day, every hour, we lost all our memories and we didn’t know who we were? The world struck by a general amnesia, with no memories of the past, through landscapes in ruins. Humanity doomed to an eternal present.

21:45 – Teatro Miela | Ballad in Blood
— Ruggero Deodato
Special Event
The big comeback of Ruggero Deodato, a.k.a. “Monsieur Cannibal”, with a story that recalls one of the most wicked events in Italian news.

22:00 – Sala Tripcovich | Terraformars
— Takashi Miike
The goal: exterminate all the cockroaches and conquer planet Mars. It’s easy, isn’t it? Unfortunately in the meanwhile the insects have become huge humanoid creatures… Miike Takeshi takes a true sci-fi gem from the famous comic strip.

00:00 – Teatro Miela | Daemonium: soldado del inframundo
— Pablo Parés
Sexy robots, zombies, devils, angels, made guys, magicians, charming murderesses… The Demon is back and all the roads lead to Hell! A fist from Argentina, an adrenaline bomb that’s going to win the TS+FF public over.

Sci-Fi Classix
10:45 – Sala Tripcovich | Solaris [Solyaris]
— Andrej Tarkovskij
One of the best films ever in the science-fiction production, in a newly restored digital version.

TS+FF Fantastic Shorts
Homunculus — Exequiel Sambucelli. Argentina 2015.
Never Tear Us Apart — Sid Zanforlin. Canada 2015.
The Tunnel — André Øvredal. Norvegia 2015.
When Susurrus Stirs — Anthony Cousins. USA 2015.
No Compassion no Mercy — Juanan J. Arasa. Canada 2016.
Reset — Jeremy Lutter. Canada 2015.
Quenottes — Pascal Thiebaux, Gil Pinheiro. Francia, Lussemburgo 2016.
The Disappearance of William Bingham — Matthew Richards, Australia 2015.

TS+FF Extra
10:30 – Magazzino delle Idee | Incontri di Futurologia

11.00 – departure from Associazione Casa del Cinema di Trieste | Interno/Giorno
The second appointment to visit the inaccessible sets in Trieste thanks to the technology developed by IKON Productions, to explore also the most unreachable places of the cinema in the city.

“Stars’ War”, the Web Critics Award of Trieste Science+Fiction Festival

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