40 years of Fant’Italia

40 years of Fant’Italia. We have come to the “first” (and no doubt the “second”, the “third” will come as well, …) 40 years of the pioneering retrospective curated by Lorenzo Codelli and Giuseppe Lippi, presented within the In- ternational Science Fiction Film Festival, the legacy of which has been collected in 2000 by the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival.

We feel it is our duty to celebrate this anniversary with our audience, offering a set of five titles which, as many other predecessors, contemporaries and descendants, have brought prestige to the Italian “fantastic” in the world.

And so, in collaboration with the CSC – Cineteca Nazionale, our audience will enjoy The House with Laughing Windows by Pupi Avati (another beautiful forty-years-old!) and The Cat o’ Nine Tails by Dario Argento, both presented in 35mm “vintage” copies, and, as counterbalance, the newly restored version in 4K of Terrore nello spazio. Finally, the memory of a recently deceased director, whose films have always been presented in Trieste: Corrado Farina, with his brilliant juvenile divertissement, Il figlio di Dracula, and a film still not fully appreciated, The Devil Witch.

download here the catalogue of the pioneering retrospective

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