TS+FF and the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with Terry “Jadzia” Farrell and Adam Nimoy

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Trieste Science+Fiction Festival invites you to a public talk with Terry Farrell, the lovely and talented Jadzia Dax of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Adam Nimoy, son of the unforgettable Leonard “Spock” Nimoy: they will share with you their experiences and offer an insight into their lives, lived in the fantastic universe of Star Trek.
A trip down memory lane to give you a bit of history on a landmark in sci-fi popular imagination “to boldly go where no man has gone before”.

Tuesday November 1st
3pmMagazzino delle Idee
Public talk with Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy: “50 years of Star Trek”.
free entrance (subject to availability of seats)

5pmSala Tripcovich
Screening of For the Love of Spock with director Adam Nimoy in attendance: a film that portrays the private and public life of the man who played the world-renowned Vulcan. An Italian première.
admission with ticket or TS+FF pass

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