TS+FF announces first wave of titles and early bird tickets now on sale


The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is delighted to announce the first wave of titles to be playing at its 23rd edition this year. The festival returns to both the Teatro Rossetti and the Teatro Miela on October 27 – November 1 with a wide selection of genre offerings including the Italian premieres of You Can Call Me Bill, Restore Point, Monolith, Herd, Ufo Sweden and A Million Days. Early Bird passes are now on sale for this year’s edition HERE

Enter the Hyperfuture: here the first wave of titles 

YOU CAN CALL ME BILL by Alexandre O. Philippe (USA, 2023, Italian Premiere)
An intimate portrait of Star Trek icon William Shatner and his personal journey across nine decades of a life boldly lived.

RESTORE POINT by Robert Hloz (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, 2023, Italian Premiere)
In Prague 2041 murder is impossible due to innovative technology reversing unnatural death. Or is it?

MONOLITH by Matt Vesely (Australia, 2022, Italian Premiere)
A disgraced journalist attempts to salvage her career with the “Beyond Believable” podcast geared to solve mysteries and uncover hidden truths.

HERD by Steven Pierce (USA, 2023, Italian Premiere)
Jamie and her wife, Alex, find themselves trapped in a small town overrun by virus-infected “Heps”.

UFO SWEDEN by Victor Danell (Sweden, 2022, Italian Premiere)
A rebellious teenager is convinced her astrologically crazed father is not dead but has been abducted by aliens.

A MILLION DAYS by Mitch Jenkins (UK, 2023, Italian Premiere)
2041: Earth is in ecological collapse and the continued existence of humanity rests on becoming an interplanetary civilisation.

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival Artistic Director Alan Jones comments, “Extra-Triestrians will experience an incredible variety of movies in an eclectic 60th anniversary line-up which will both serve as a powerful reminder of exactly how far back our remarkable festival history goes, how far we have come with regards the genre itself and just how much further we can go when the skies really aren’t the limit. The six films announced today are just the tip of the far-reaching program squarely aimed at everyone between the interested newcomer and those die-hard multi-verse aficionados. Science Fiction is a diverse and inclusive genre and through its open-minded attitudes and philosophy Trieste Science+Fiction Festival allows totally unexpected cinematic thrills to happen when wide-ranging topics, different people and varied cultures come together in imaginative delight and techno-social discovery”.

The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will reveal its second wave of titles, star guests and major gala events to commemorate its 60th Anniversary in mid-September.

Alan Jones adds, “Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is going to be an absolutely monumental event for the city, showcasing World and Italian Premieres of brilliant movies, chances to meet a star-studded roster of guests, enjoy the IVIPRO Days and Fantastic Film Forum panels, the MondoFuturo talks and the educational program. It’s my second exhilarating time in control of this truly amazing festival and it will be my pleasure to meet and greet you all again”.

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