You Can Call Me Bill

Alexandre O. Philippe
USA, 2023
Anteprima Italiana_Italian Premiere

Un intimo ritratto dell’icona di Star Trek, l’indimenticabile Capitano Kirk William Shatner e del suo personale viaggio attraverso novant’anni di una vita vissuta con coraggio: un documentario che esplora l’esistenza e il fascino di una star che ha reso immortale uno dei personaggi più iconici del piccolo schermo.

An intimate portrait of ‘Star Trek’ icon William Shatner’s personal journey across nine decades of a boldly lived and fully realized life. It strips away all the masks he has worn during his storied career, to reveal the man behind it all. The first and only feature-length documentary dedicated to Shatner’s life, career and philosophy, this penetrating documentary delves into his most fervent passions, hopes and concerns, through a thematic distillation of his most recent autobiographical songs and a kaleidoscopic deep dive into the farthest reaches of his filmography including ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘T.J. Hooker’ and ‘Boston Legal’.

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