ENTER THE HYPERFUTURE: The dates of the 23rd edition of the TS+FF

The 23rd edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, the most important Italian event dedicated to science fiction and the wonders of the possible, organized and promoted by La Cappella Underground, will be held from October 27 to November 1, 2023.

“Incredibly it’s the 60th Anniversary of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival in 2023. So exciting! And this not-to-be missed milestone will be a rocket-fuelled celebration not only for the city but also for the sci-fi fantasy genre at large. After our highly acclaimed epic event in 2022 where programming coherence and genre purity became the stargate to going Back to the Superfuture, we intend to keep moving ever forward with our signature inventiveness and dynamism to continue making Trieste S+F an influential cinematic occasion in both Italy and on the international scene. This banner year you will witness things you wouldn’t believe, see stars you never dreamed of meeting, engage with key masters of the intergalactic art and see movies before anyone else as we expertly navigate a globally curated cream of the  crop to take you into the Hyperfuture!  So let’s thrill together in shock, awe and moonage daydreams from October 27 – November 1 for the cosmic trip of a lifetime” – Alan Jones

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