Matt Vesely
Australia, 2022
Anteprima Italiana_Italian Premiere

Thriller psicologico australiano che ha come protagonista l’attrice Lily Sullivan (“La casa – Il risveglio del male” di Lee Cronin) nei panni di una giornalista in disgrazia che tenta di salvare la sua carriera con il podcast “Beyond Believable” orientato a risolvere misteri e scoprire verità nascoste.

Prague 2041. Every citizen has a constitutional right to live a whole life. In the event of an unnatural death, the person is brought back to life through the innovative technology of Restore Point where brain memory must be backed up every 48 hours. Murder is virtually impossible. But detective Emma Trochinowska has been assigned to a shocking case of a double homicide after the restoration team could only bring one of them back to life. Director Robert Hloz feature debut is a neo BLADE RUNNER and part of the futuro-socialism genre wave sweeping through current Czech cinema.

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Restore Point