A Million Days

Mitch Jenkins
Regno Unito, 2023
Anteprima Italiana_Italian Premiere

2041: la Terra è al collasso ecologico e la sopravvivenza dell’umanità dipende dalla capacità di diventare una civiltà interplanetaria. Anderson e il suo team sono alle prese con gli ultimi preparativi per lanciare una colonia sulla luna. Tuttavia, dopo aver consultato l’intelligenza artificiale Jay, diventa chiaro che qualcuno sta cercando di sabotare la missione…

2041: Earth is in ecological collapse. The continued existence of humanity rests on becoming an interplanetary civilisation. The Seed programme has been created to settle new worlds in the Cosmos from our moon to the Jupiter moon, Europa. Its mission has been made possible by a single entity, an Artificial Intelligence system known as Jay, which has been calculating the odds of success, survival and resilience. Now over the course of one night an astronaut must decide between pursuing his life’s work or sabotaging it for the greatest cause in the entire universe.

2023 Lineup (so far)

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