TS+FF 19 – Day 5

As Hadhoom used to say in the PK comics, now… LET’S DANCE! It’s the NIGHT of the Body Snatchers (Ultracorpi), the coolest party of the year.
But wait: before you place your tents around the Dhome club, there’s a long day ahead of you, full of surprises. Giant Arachnids, a coke-fueled Batman, humanoids, spaceships drifting off in outer space, super-soldiers created by crossing humans and pigs. And Danny Trejo, the icing on the cake of a perfect science fiction binge.

h 11:00 – Teatro Miela
Starship Troopers
Who does not remember the brain-eating and fire-breathing Arachnids? Well, their “father” Phil Tippett will be with us at TS+FF and will help us introduce the movie he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1998 for the best special effects.

h 14:00 – Teatro Miela
Riccardo Grippo – Italy, 2019, 9’
Matteo Macaluso – Italy, 2018, 9’
Divina Mortis
Josh Heisenberg – Italy, 2019, 20’
Lorenzo Corvino – Italy, 2019, 15’
Global W
Matteo Macaluso – Italy, 2019, 15’
Andrea Ricciotti – Italy, 2019, 18’
Iacopo Di Girolamo – Italy, UK, 2018, 14’
Michele Sorrentino Mangini – Italy, 2019, 15’
Francesco Barilli – Italy, 2019, 15’

h 15:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
One of the craziest, weirder and undefinable TS+FF 2019 movies! A hustle-and-bustle, total chaos, with an IT virus called “Soviet Union”, a coke-addicted Batman, unbelievable pairings, afro-futurism, odd special effects. Pure. Weird. Pleasure.

h 16:30 – Teatro Miela
Louis & Luca – Mission to the Moon
Louis and Luca are Louis the Magpie and Luca the Hedgehog, adventure companions of genius inventor Alfie Clarke in a mission where everything goes wrong and nothing according to plan.
A Norwegian animation film for our little courageous astronauts: the KIDS audience of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival!

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Ghost Town Anthology
A tragedy hits the town of Irénée-les-Neiges, 215 souls isolated in the Candian countryside. Were the grief not enough, strange shadows start appearing in the fog.
One of the most sophisticated titles in this edition, by Cannes, Locarno, and Berlin regular Dénis Côté.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Extra Ordinary
What a palaver having superpowers. People ask you to exorcise the bewitched toaster or free them from the ghosts hidden under the carpet. But Rose is docile and patient and ready to help everyone.
If there’s something more serious to face, like a possessed girl because of a pact with the devil by a rock singer, then she really cannot pull out.
With stars like Will Forte and Maeve Higgins, he festival’s comic relief is guaranteed.

h 20:00 – Teatro Miela
L’Umanoide (The Humanoid)
The evil Lord Graal (Trieste’s own Ivan Rassimov) wants to use the Humanoid as the armed wing of his revenge: but will the invulnerable creature created by genius Dr. Kraspin be the ultimate weapon ending his exile forever? An Italian ’70s science fiction vintage film.

h 22:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Our planet is done for: we have to move to Mars, and we have to do it quickly. Aniara, one of the ships carrying Earth passengers to their new home, hits space debris and ends up off-course. Soon its destiny is clear: drifting in space forever in an empty and cold universe.

h 22:00 – Teatro Miela
Boia, Maschere e Segreti: l’Horror Italiano degli Anni Sessanta (Hangmen, Masks and Secrets: Italian Horror of the Seventies)
A (possibly) one-of-a-kind season of Italian cinema we will look back at, eyes filled with wonder and nostalgia, in this documentary by Steve Della Casa.

h 00:15 – Teatro Miela
Bullets of Justice
Third World War, Operation “Army Bacon”: the American government has secretly created super-soldiers by crossing humans with pigs. 25 years later, the muzzles are at the top of the food chain and are breeding and eating humans.
Danny Trejo is the mentor of Rob Justice. And, well, the bullets in the title are his. Easy to say how much fun we will have on this absurd swine midnight carousel.

starting at 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
Microplastics on our plates and a “tribute to oil”. The focus of the first two Futurology meetings today are currently very hot subjects.
But it will also be an opportunity to remember and celebrate a very good friend of ours: Giuseppe Lippi, for many years with us at the Festival, who took us far away, beyond the stars, with his precious essays and his unforgotten and unforgettable Urania book series.
Check the detailed programme

h 18:30 – Teatro Miela
The other sides of the Moon: behind the scenes of the Lunar Missions
Averted and concealed disasters, pranks and embarrassing moments for the astronauts. Paolo Attivissimo will delight us with all this through witnesses’ tales and original documents.

h 23:00 – Dhome
La Notte degli Ultracorpi
More than a tradition. More than a must. The Night of the Body Snatchers is “the place to be” for all of you (and us) space weirdos and undercover aliens.
See you there.

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