TS+FF Shorts #2 – Supernatural/Weird

There is a crease in the perception of reality which is not visible, it can only be experienced. It’s the manifestation of a dimension where nightmare creatures move, reminding us that we are never alone, not even in an empty room; creatures who weave their stories to create myths and timeless legends; who yearn for invisibility, but not for solitude.

When reality is cracked, they can reach this world, cross it and play with us like children. And with their same grace, they break the toys they’ve so far had fun with, in order to understand them more deeply, at least until they stop deserving their attention.

Tooth Fairy / Alice Bédard / Fantastic Shorts
Hospital Dumpster Divers / Anders Elsrud Hultgreen / Méliès d’argent
Crawler / Ivan Radovic / Méliès d’argent
Witch Trilogy 13+ / Ceylan Özgün Özçelik / Méliès d’argent
Frank & Mary / Paul Williams / Méliès d’argent
Verdict 30.001: the Cookies / Samuel Häkkinen, Henna Välkky / Méliès d’argent
The Haunted Swordsman / Kevin McTurk / Fantastic Shorts
Cargo / Abhilash Chandra / Fantastic Shorts

Visioni di Tergeste Futura – Nathan Never

TS+FF Shorts #3 – The extension of life