TS+FF 19 – Day 4

Ding ding! Dear passengers, today our interstellar cruiser will take you to a thousand destinations. To Poland, China, in the middle of an alien nebula, on the Moon, among the waves of the ocean, to the castle of Valburga…
Do not fear, and relax, we are already in supersonic mode: we will touch all the expected destinations and our tour will only stop when the night is nearly over. We wish you a very pleasant journey with the TS+FF.

h 11:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Star Trek – The Movie
A treat for all the Trekkies out there who will be able to see the original cast challenged by an alien cloud destroying everything it meets on its track.
The first of the thirteen movies of the Star Trek Universe is back for its 40th anniversary, in a better shape than ever!

h 14:00 – Teatro Miela
Piotr Dylewski 2016, 20’
Deer Boy
Katarzyna Gondek 2017, 15’
Tomasz Popakul 2016, 14’
Piotr Milczarek 2019, 5’
Soyuz Luna
Ewa Radzewicz 2015, 5’
Jakub Grygier 2015, 12’

h 15:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Last Sunrise
What happens in a society almost exclusively relying on solar energy if the sun disappears? The temperature drops below zero, oxygen starts being in short supply. It’s chaos. The only hope to survive is District Four. But moving fast is of the essence. Now. From China, one of the most acclaimed sci-fi movies in festivals all over the world.

h 17:30 – Politeama Rossetti
I am REN
What if one day you discover your wife is an android? And not working properly, either. You may lose everything you’ve got, everything you know.

h 17:30 – Teatro Miela
Breakpoint. A Counter History of Progress

Industrial revolution. The technological one. The development of the coal and oil era. In other words, everything we lived through in 200 years of history. But what if things had gone differently? Breakpoint tries to imagine exactly this: a kind of Sliding Doors of science and progress, a documentary showing what our world would be like if we had taken other directions.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Sea Fever
You are on a fishing trawler in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Only waves, salted water and sky surrounding you. Already scary enough, but on top of that let’s say a mysterious creature is holding you hostage. Otherwise, how can we have fun?

h 20:00 – Teatro Miela
Midday Demons
In Italian, the word “controra” is used to define the hottest hours of the day. We always imagine ghosts and spirits attacking us in the dark, at night, in the shadows. But what would happen if they should haunt our afternoon siesta?

h 22:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Blind Spot
What would you do if your superpower was to be able to become invisible? You would spy on your neighbours, of course! Indeed, Dominick does not do much else with it. Superpowers, though, are a mixed blessing, especially if you start losing control. From an original idea by writer Emmanuel Carrère, the movie has won critical acclaim all over the world.

h 22:00 – Teatro Miela
Moon – Live score by Luca Maria Baldini
Duncan Jones’ disquieting masterpiece through a completely new, surprising and alienating experience, with a live soundtrack created by Luca Maria Baldini.
But be prepared: it’s not “just” a concert. It’s a visual and musical performance which will take you far away. And that will stay with you for a long, long time.

h 00:15 – Teatro Miela
The Curse of Valburga
Swedish Satanists, French goths, a Russian porn producer with two of his actresses and two German beer-lovers enter the castle of Valburga. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not at all funny (not for them, that is!)

starting at 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
“Why are you there, Moon, in the sky? Tell me why you are there, silent Moon.” From real or fictionary incursions on our satellite, we will move to the world of rock, punk, musical counterculture and how and when they have crossed with science fiction. And finally, a moment of panic for all gamers out there: we will talk about independent videogames with the creator of the iconic Plaguemon, the splatter-gore version of Pokémon.
Check the detailed programme

h 16:00 – Teatro Miela
It has touched!
Tito Stagno is the voice that on July 20th, 1969 held the hand of millions of Italians to lead them to the Moon with his memorable live broadcast. At TS+FF we will finally hear that voice in person and learn everything about that crucial moment.
And maybe we will also be able to ask Tito Stagno if the rumours he was broadcasting the first Moon landing by mankind in history wearing only his underpants behind his desk are true.

h 18:00 – Teatro Miela
The World of 1920+
Jakub Różalski creates anachronistic and disturbing scenarios, where machines and robots are working in the fields next to farm labourers of the early 20th century and spaceships cross the steppes where the First World Was is being fought.
Until November 3rd, during the theatre’s opening times, you can dream you are part of this imaginary world, too. The world of 1920+.

h18:30 – Kleine Berlin
Spiral, Shreds of Future
The atmosphere of decay of the Kleine Berlin air-raid shelter. Poetry, shreds of audiovisuals. Lorenzo Acquaviva’s voice. And a journey to parallel worlds, in Trieste’s “Upside Down”.

h 20:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Firenze VR
At first, you will think this is a straightforward VR tour of Florence, visiting the squares and buildings of the capital of the Italian Renaissance. But you should know by now: at TS+FF nothing is what it appears to be…

h 22:30 – Waikiki Speaki-Tiki Bar
After all the dismemberings, the bombs, the bloodthirsty ghosts, a well-deserved breather, possibly with a cocktail in your hands.
Perfect even for those of you who are in for the long run and want to get ready for the midnight screening. Trust us.

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