TS+FF Shorts #1 – Dystopia

Nowadays, describing the future can be a hard task. Technological acceleration has forced on us a speed of updating of the imaginary and an aesthetic and also ontological obsolescence which are difficult to keep up with.

There is only one point on which everybody has agreed since the Seventies: the dystopian vision of future society. Oppressive, consumerist and impersonal, a place where relationships between individuals are confused and dematerialised; where feelings are rare products and the Other, albeit synthetic, seems to prove himself more empathic and forward-looking of any other representative of the old human race.

Le abiuratrici / Antonio De Palo / Spazio Corto
L’elemosina / Gianni De Blasi / Spazio Corto
Guinea Pig / Giulia Grandinetti, Andrea Benjamin Manenti / Spazio Corto
Consume / Bruno Gradaschi / Fantastic Shorts
Human Trash / Aitor Almuedo Esteban / Méliès d’argent
Imago / Remy Blaser / Méliès d’argent
Néo Kósmo – Nuovo Mondo / Adelmo Togliani / Méliès d’argent
The Recycling Man / Carlo Ballauri / Méliès d’argent
Cycle 2217 / Evgeny Kalachikhin, Ruben Dauenhauer / Méliès d’argent
Krim / Manuel Hüttner / Méliès d’argent
Routine: the Prohibition / Sam Orti / Méliès d’argent
The Purple Iris / Arif Khan / Fantastic Shorts

The first titles of the movie selection

Visioni di Tergeste Futura – Nathan Never