2004. Asteroide returns
The news in the Festival show schedule is the return of the Asteroide, the historical award of the show in the twenty-year-long cycle of the International Science-Fiction Film Festival. The award is given to Able Edwards, a Graham Robertson’s film, for the best of the nine films taking part in the competition in the Neon section.
There are three special programs – a tribute to E.T.’s dad, Carlo Rambaldi; the masterclass with John Landis, the author of An American Werewolf in London and of Schlock, the winner in 1973,: the retrospective exhibition dedicated to Hammer Pictures, a British film production company.
Alan Jones, Javier G. Romero, Manlio Gomarasca
Multiplex Cinecity, Teatro Miela
Premio Asteroide
Able Edwards
Graham Robertson
Urania d’argento
Jimmy Sangster
Premio alla carriera


Able Edwards / Graham Robertson
After the Apocalypse / Yasuaki Nakajima
American Astronaut / Cory McAbee
Atomik Circus / Didier Poiraud + Thierry Poiraud
Avatar / Jian Hong Kuo
Blueberry / Jan Kounen
Choking Hazard / Marek Dobes
Crash Test / Sam Voutas
I Delitti della Luna Piena / Paco Plaza
Donnie Darko / Richard Kelly
Immortel (ad Vitam) / Enki Bilal
Koi… Mil Gaya / Rakesh Roshan
London Voodoo / Robert Pratten
The Last Horror Movie / Julian Richards
Il Magico Natale di Rupert / Flavio Moretti
One Point 0 (1.0) / Jeff Renfroe + Marteinn Thorsson
The Park / Andrew Lau
Raumpatrouille Orion / Michael Braun + Theo Mezger
Red Cockroaches / Miguel Coyula
Tempus Fugit / Enric Folch

Brit Invaders!

L’Astronave Atomica del Dottor Quatermass / Val Guest
Barbara, il Mostro di Londra / Roy Ward Baker
La Casa del Terrore / Seth Holt
Distruggete Frankestein / Terence Fisher
Dracula / Terence Fisher
Frankestein e il Mostro dall’Inferno / Terence Fisher
L’Implacabile Condanna / Terence Fisher
A Man on the Beach / Joseph Losey
La Maschera di Frankenstein / Terence Fisher
La Mummia / Terence Fisher
Quatermass and the Pit / Roy Ward Baker
Lo Sguardo che Uccide / Terence Fisher
Le Spose di Dracula / Terence Fisher
Una Figlia per il Diavolo / Peter Sykes
X Contro il Centro Atomico / Leslie Normann

Omaggio a John Landis

Slok / John Landis
Un Lupo Mannaro Americano a Londra / John Landis

Omaggio a Carlo Rambaldi

Alien / Ridley Scott
E.T. L’Extraterrestre / Steven Spielberg
Possession / Andrzej Zulawski