TS+FF 19 – Day 1

TS+FF 2019 spaceship, third officer initial report. Cargo and ship about to launch into the hyperspace. All passengers are onboard the theatre and seated. We should reach the border in six days. Over and out.
Let the journey begin.

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
There are “facehuggers”, a toothy belly-ripping alien, Lieutenant Ripley. There’s even a kitten. We’re practically in myth territory.
Alien is back on the big screen with a restored version for its 40th anniversary. But don’t forget: “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Little Joe + Opening ceremony
A “petalful” movie. Little Joe is a very special flower which makes its owners very happy as long as they take constant care of it. But is this delicate little plant really that harmless?
The first one to doubt it is the scientist who created Little Joe, Alice, played by Emily Beecham, winner of the Cannes Palme d’Or for best leading actress.

h 22:30 – Politeama Rossetti
What if tomorrow you woke up and found out that you’re a monster?
In a Brooklyn loft, by the hands of a sick and depressed field doctor, the modern Frankenstein is born. He’s Adam, “the first man”, bred by insanity and greed, born in a cradle of lies. But soon the truth comes to the surface, and there’ll be a lot of trouble.

h 10:00 – Mediateca della Cappella Underground
Fantastic Film Forum
Workshop “From film concept to distribution”

The first of three days dedicated to movie industry professionals, filmmakers, screenwriters, producers and distributors of genre movies. They will invade Trieste with their projects to get to know and learn from each other and exchange ideas. Who knows, the next sci-fi masterpiece may see the light right here.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
L’Ingenua Curiosità (The Naive Curiosity), exhibition
by Jacopo Starace
A whole visual imagery, snapshots from the edge between dream and reality, dystopic poems and, namely, a “naive curiosity”. The author of the wonderful TS+FF 2019 poster will bring all this to Trieste until Sunday, November 3rd during theatre opening times.

To the Moon…

TS+FF 19 – Day 2