Doctor Who: Earthshock

Peter Grimwade
UK 1981

E’ toccato a Peter Davison nel 1982 l’ingrato compito di sostituire Tom Baker. Davison si impadronì subito del personaggio ed interpretò un Dr Who superiore alle aspettative, complici ovviamente alcune storie molto valide tra le quali proprio Earthshock. Nella storia in quattro episodi di Eric Saward, Doctor Who affronta i suoi nemici storici: i Cybermen. L’avventura si rivela avvincente sin dall’inizio, ambientata nelle caverne del ventiseiesimo secolo, sino alle scene della nave spaziale contenente l’esercito invasore dei Cybermen, ed alla sorpresa finale.

Peter Davison had the unenviable task of following in the shoes of Tom Baker when he took on the role of the Doctor in 1982, but he quickly made the character his own and was a better Doctor than many had expected him to be. Imaginative and well-written stories like Earthshock obviously helped. Eric Saward’s four-part story saw the Doctor pitted against another of his old (and one of the most popular) adversaries – the Cybermen. From the eerily effective early episodes in the caverns on 26th-century Earth, through to the scenes on the space freighter containing the Cybermen invasion force and on to the final shock ending, the story never loses its grip.

Eric Saward
Peter Davison

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