TS+FF Shorts #3 – The extension of life

Transhumanism, artificial intelligence, time travel, infinite communication and eternal memory are small steps towards the extension of life and the fulfilment of the dream which has always been in man’s heart since his discovery of death.

But in the end, life is defined by the relationships between human beings, they are life’s meaning and value. Every day there is someone looking for his place in the world, and you don’t need to change planet to meet a lone alien yearning for a new beginning.

Raze of the Cyborg / Young-H. Lee / Fantastic Shorts
Gabriel / Pierfrancesco Artini / Méliès d’argent
The Memory Shop / Christiaan Neu / Méliès d’argent
The 21st Sense / Christian Battiferro / Spazio Corto
Apollo 18 / Marco Renda / Spazio Corto
The Lonely Orbit / Frederic Siegel, Benjamin Morard / Méliès d’argent
Transfert / Jonathan Degrelle / Spazio Corto

TS+FF Shorts #2 – Supernatural/Weird

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