TS+FF 19 – Day 3

Hitler riding a T-Rex. It may be enough to drag you all to the theatre. But today there’s much more in store. MUCH, much more.

h14:00 – Politeama Rossetti

Alexandra Lupashko – Russia, 2019, 4’
Mark Lediard, Gavin Williams – UK, 2019, 15’
Robot Will Protect You
Nicola Piovesan – Estonia, 2018, 11’
The Burden
Nico van den Brink – The Netherlands, 2019, 17’
Stop invasione!
Leopoldo Medugno – Italy, 2019, 18’
The Little One
Danilo Bećković – Serbia, 2018, 9’
Hervé Freiburger – France, 2018, 7’
This Time Away
Magali Barbé – UK, 2019, 14’
Article 19-42
Julien Becker – Luxembourg, 2019, 15’
Avarya F
Gökalp Gönen – Turkey, 2018, 20’

h 15:00 – Teatro Miela
Society + Conversation with Brian Yuzna
An iconic director, awarded many times over in genre festivals all over the world, an expert fanta-horror and splatter artist: it’s Brian Yuzna!
Not only is he the president of the jury of the Asteroide Award this year, but he will also be celebrating with the TS+FF audience the 30th anniversary of his masterpiece Society, with a special screening and a public conversation.

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Code 8
Do you have superpowers? Well, boy, in Code 8 society there’s no place for you. You will be hunted down by drone police-robots, discriminated and exiled.
Based on a short film financed with 2 million dollars of crowdfunding, an Italian premiere full of adrenalin, big robots and lots of shooting and chasing.

h 17:30 – Teatro Miela
I am Human
Science is working to discover the mysteries of the mind and increase human possibilities. But where will all this lead to? What is the line between human and mechanical? This documentary shows the bold development of the first three cyborgs in the world, beyond the evolution of the species.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Iron Sky: The Coming Race
The second chapter of one of the most iconic and weird science fiction movies ever. The Nazis are still there, hiding in their moon base. But there are also shape-shifting reptilians, dinosaurs, and many classic genre movie scenes.

h 20:00 – Teatro Miela
Blood Bags
“Don’t go inside that house”* is an advice it would be wise to always follow. But…
A claustrophobic horror movie that will leave you breathless. And there’s no way out.

h 22:00 – Politeama Rossetti
In The Trap
Philip has built a shelter to keep evil out and away. He is a prisoner of his own apartment, while a dark demonic presence tries to violate his refuge. Everything will be alright, as long as he does not fall asleep at the wrong moment…

h 00:15 – Teatro Miela
The “extreme horror dealer” Joe Begos is back with a vengeance and brings us a movie experience out of the ordinary to say the least. Hard drugs, alcohol and a new psychedelic substance which will turn the main character’s life upside down, a gut-wrenching late-night film.

starting at 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
Rubber dolls and robot dolls, brain-computer interfaces and artificial intelligence challenging writers and journalists.
Today, the futurology conversations will lead us into what may appear to be science-fiction territory but is in fact already a reality. So real that we can touch it.
Check the detailed programme

starting at 10:00 – Savoia Excelsior Palace
Fantastic Film Forum
The last and most anticipated event of the Fantastic Film Forum: the Open Day, meetings and networking of industry professionals and our SCI-FI Pro badge holders.

h 17:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Tecno Virus Triestini Satanisti
A mysterious project. Strange writings have been appearing on the walls and benches in town. Today, we will discover why. Instantly a cult.

h 18:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Firenze VR
Federico Russo is the ideal tour guide to show us around Florence in a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience. It may sound like a regular tour, but don’t count on it: you may get a surprise.

h 19:00 and 21:00 – Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico
Speed Science – Scary Science
Anything can happen in the scariest night of the year: becoming a scientist or meeting ghosts, zombies and witness supernatural forces at work! A lab for little monster hunters in collaboration with the Science Centre – Immaginario Scientifico.

h 20:30 – Kleine Berlin
Spiral, Shreds of Future
Lorenzo Acquaviva brings a premiere to the TS+FF 2019, a show to be performed in the fascinating location of the Kleine Berlin air bomb shelters. Poetry, tales of the future, shreds of visuals. And a journey through parallel worlds, in Upside-down Trieste.

h 22:00 – Teatro Miela
XYQuartet – Multimedia Performance
By treating and editing vintage photos live, video artist Claudio Sichel and the jazz XYQuartet will lead us into the universe of sounds and stories by the pioneers who first flew in orbit around Earth.

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