The Fantastic Shorts of TS+FF 2019!

Here they are: the three fully packed short films sections of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival!

European Fantastic Shorts – Méliès d’argent competition

Borders have been moved further. The search for infinity is inward-looking. Who are we? Where do we come from? In order to grasp the mechanisms of the human mind, we have tried to reproduce it, often with abnormal results. What is left is the human being and his/her fight for survival against the unknown.

2050 / Alexandra Lupashko
Article 19-42 / Julien Becker
The Auxiliary [L’auxiliaire] / Frédéric Plasman
Avarya / Gökalp Gönen
Bee Together / Tiago Iúri
The Burden [Het Juk] / Nico Van Den Brink
Chromophobia / Mark Lediard, Gavin Williams
Eternity / Anna Sobolevska
F for Freaks / Sabine Ehrl
If – Girlfriend Deluxe / Steve Moss
The Little One [Mališan] / Danilo Bećković
A Little Taste / Victor Català
Moon Drops / Yoram Ever-Hadani
Nero / Jan-David Bolt
Quantum [Quantique] / Patrice Gablin
Robot Will Protect You / Nicola Piovesan
Seeds [Graines] / Hervé Freiburger
Stop Invasion [Stop invasione] / Leopoldo Medugno
The Third Hand / Yoni Weisberg
This Time Away / Magali Barbé

Fantastic Shorts – Out of Competition

Moving across different realities, travelling through different planes of existence, walking the thin line between life and death. A daily odyssey, a daily fight for survival. Who’s the predator and who’s the prey?

Dead Teenager Séance / Dante Vescio, Rodrigo Gasparini
Giltrude’s Dwelling / Jeremy Lutter
Ischidados [I risvegliati / The Awakened] / Igor De Luigi, Eugenio Villani
Mateo / Fernando Perezgil
Pipe / Max Isaacson
The Last Passenger [Poslednji Putnik] / Janko Djurić
Spirit of the Drowning Girls / Runze Cao

Spazio Corto

Borders are a matter of perspective and they are frightening. Depending on the direction people are taking in crossing them, there are those who are scared and build walls and those who have trust and want to be free of them. So borders are above all a state of mind. But they do exist and will always exist. They are undefined areas of contamination and experimentation for explorers of what is already known. Spazio Corto is the border we prompt you to cross in search of your fears and hopes; a fantastic lab to get to meet your fellow travellers.

Altromondo / Matteo Macaluso
Clark / Andrea Ricciotti
Divina Mortis / Josh Heisenberg
Fantasmagoria / Riccardo Grippo
Global W/ / Matteo Macaluso
N / Iacopo Di Girolamo
Novagrad / Lorenzo Corvino
Ram / Michele Sorrentino Mangini

The first 5 titles of the 2019 official selection

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