Brian Yuzna will be in Trieste as the president of the Asteroide Award jury

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival announces guest Brian Yuzna, creator of cult fanta-horror movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s, to name but a few Society (1989), Re-Animator (1985) and The Dentist (1996).
He will be in Trieste as the president of the jury of the Asteroide Award, the international prize awarded each year to the best science fiction and fantasy film by an emerging director.

A director, writer and producer, Brian Yuzna was born in the Philippines but grew up in Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and Panama before moving to the USA in the ’80s.
He mostly favoured horror movie productions, although he sometimes indulged in science fiction, too. Just as his dear friend and colleague Stuart Gordon, he is a passionate H. P. Lovecraft enthusiast and he has adapted many of the stories of the writer from Providence for the big screen. Author of horror-splatter movies beloved by audiences all over the world which have made cinema history, Yuzna is a versatile, original and groundbreaking filmmaker.

At the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, Yuzna will also be celebrating the 30th anniversary of his cult movie Society (1989), which will be screened in a restored version and presented by Yuzna himself. A cruel metaphor of the snob American middle class, Society is Yuzna’s outstanding debut as a director, and one of the best socio-political horror movies made in those years.

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