This year the Asteroid Award has been put into the graceful hands of Eloise Suppancich. Born in Triest in 1989 she attends the Art Institute E. U. Nordio and then continues her studies in Triest and Milan in the fields of fashion design, model building, dressmaking and photography.
In 2014 with the capsule collection Life she wins the award for the best beachwear collection at the EcoFashion Style contest in Pisa, she is among the finalists of the international fashion design contest The Link, and displays her creations at the international beachwear exhibition MarediModa in Cannes. In 2015 she presents her jewellery collection in Triest, at the atelier/art studio Katastrofa with which she collaborates, and she brings her capsule beachware collection Ceci n’est pas on the catwalk of the international exhibition Mare d’Amare in Florence.
“My interpretation of the Asteroid Award went through a research of the possible links between the asteroid’s features, the human being and space. The asteroid, an irregular-shaped celestial object. The human being, a body which might have a soul. The space, a place where despite mankind’s contamination nature still holds its supremacy. My ideas materialised into a heart, the ambivalent symbol of the soul and of the irregular physical shape of the asteroid, tightly gripped by a human hand representing mankind and its a empts at seizing the whole universe; I then robotised it, since without mechanics there would be no human presence in the firmament.”



Bruce Sterling Urania d’argento for Lifetime Achievement