Trieste Science+Fiction Festival celebrates the first 20 years together!
Streaming geolocated on MYmovies.it+ live version in Trieste

  • TS+FF Shorts #3 – The extension of life

    Transhumanism, artificial intelligence, time travel, infinite communication and eternal memory are small steps towards the extension of life and the fulfilment of the dream which has always been in man’s heart since his discovery of death. But in the end, life is defined by the relationships between human beings, they are life’s meaning and value. […]

  • Trieste Science+Fiction Festival goes online on MYmovies.it!

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, the most relevant event in Italy exploring science fiction and the future, will take place from October 29 to November 3 for the first time both live and online in three different theatres, the Ariston and Miela theatres in Trieste and the virtual theatre of the leading film website in Italy, Mymovies. […]

  • MONDOFUTURO 01×10: Annamaria Testa e la sfida di riprogettare il futuro

    Giovedì 20 agosto alle 18.00 ultimo appuntamento della prima stagione di M O N D O F U T U R O, serie di interviste web organizzata dal Trieste Science+Fiction Festival per parlare del mondo di domani con scienziati, scrittori, filmmakers, artisti visuali, comunicatori ed esperti di new media. La pandemia ci ha messo di […]

  • TS+FF Shorts #2 – Supernatural/Weird

    There is a crease in the perception of reality which is not visible, it can only be experienced. It’s the manifestation of a dimension where nightmare creatures move, reminding us that we are never alone, not even in an empty room; creatures who weave their stories to create myths and timeless legends; who yearn for […]

  • MONDOFUTURO 02×02: Chiara Valerio, tra matematica e distopie

    Giovedì 1 ottobre alle 18 è CHIARA VALERIO la protagonista dell’incontro targato M O N D O F U T U R O, serie di interviste web organizzata dal Trieste Science+Fiction Festival per parlare del mondo di domani con scienziati, scrittrici, filmakers, comunicatori ed esperte di new media. Chiara Valerio, matematica e scrittrice, dialogherà dalla pagina Facebook del Trieste Science+Fiction […]

  • MONDOFUTURO 02×01: Amedeo Balbi inaugura la seconda stagione

    (Ri)Parte giovedì 24 settembre alle 18 con AMEDEO BALBI la seconda stagione di M O N D O F U T U R O, serie di interviste web organizzata dal Trieste Science+Fiction Festival per parlare del mondo di domani con scienziati, scrittrici, filmmakers, comunicatori ed esperte di new media. “Il primo ciclo di MONDOFUTURO è stato un successo – commenta soddisfatto Daniele Terzoli, […]

  • Visioni di Tergeste Futura – Nathan Never

    Starting from Friday, October the 16th until Sunday, November the 8th the exhibition Visioni di Tergeste Futura, on display at the Centrale Idrodinamica of the Porto Vecchio in collaboration with the Municipality of Trieste, presents a preview of the illustrations of the two upcoming albums of Nathan Never. The Trieste of the future is the protagonist of the illustrations, among […]

  • TS+FF Shorts #1 – Dystopia

    Nowadays, describing the future can be a hard task. Technological acceleration has forced on us a speed of updating of the imaginary and an aesthetic and also ontological obsolescence which are difficult to keep up with. There is only one point on which everybody has agreed since the Seventies: the dystopian vision of future society. […]

  • The first titles of the movie selection

    The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival also announces the first 5 titles of the official competition section Neon 2020: 5 national premieres ranging from science fiction to horror which will be screened both live and online. SKYLIN3S by Liam O’Donnell (UK / Spain / Lithuania, 2020) – ITALIAN PREMIERE Third chapter of the sci-fi saga which started […]

  • The poster of the 20th edition: an original drawing by Van Orton

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, the most important science-fiction event in Italy, taking place in Trieste from October 29th to November 3rd this year, has revealed the poster of the 2020 edition:  an original drawing by rising stars Van Orton; among their clients, Marvel and Microsoft. The poster conveys the will and the pleasure to explore the […]