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    This year, like every year, the Festival has reached its end – it is a day for great guests and great surprises.

    The prize giving ceremony starts at 8.00 pm, before the exceptional Board members and the directors of the …

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    It’s Alive

    The 15th edition of Trieste Science+Fiction comes to life this evening: the only festival in Italy dedicated entirely to science fiction, with more than seventy films being shown and twenty-two Italian premières that showcase the best science fiction, fantasy and …

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    Spazio Italia


    Anche quest’anno Spazio Italia, la sezione speciale del Trieste Science+Fiction dedicata alle produzioni fantastiche e fantascientifiche made in Italy. Nata nel 2011, propone una selezione di opere in vari formati con l’intento di dare visibilità a un movimento

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    Sci-Fi Nights

    The nights of Trieste Science+Fiction will light up with music, concerts and parties.
    The famous La Notte degli Ultracorpi will take place in the new venue of the beautiful Salone degli Incanti, the former fish market designed by Giorgio

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    Futurology Meetings

    At the exact moment when the astronaut lost on Mars arrives on our screens, NASA announces that on the red planet some salty water streams can run on the surface? The University of Rome welcomes 15.000 people for the opening …

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    Mondo9 – Le illustrazioni di Franco Brambilla

    Trieste Science+Fiction hosts the exhibition of Franco Brambilla’s illustrations for World9 by Dario Tonani. Franco Brambilla is an Italian sketch artist committed to science fiction and the offcial illustrator of Urania and Millemondi for Mondadori. He has been awarded three

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    Bruce Sterling Urania d’argento for Lifetime Achievement

    This year, Trieste Science+Fiction will recognise Bruce Sterling’s career by awarding him the Premio Urania. Born in 1954, he is amongst the most important American science fiction authors, a scene that he has profoundly influenced and developed since the 80s.

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    This year the Asteroid Award has been put into the graceful hands of Eloise Suppancich. Born in Triest in 1989 she attends the Art Institute E. U. Nordio and then continues her studies in Triest and Milan in the

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    21.10.2015 Great Scott! A flash of lighting tears through the Hill Valley night sky and the DeLorean arrives in the future.

    And Trieste Science+Fiction can’t not give this historical date the celebrations it deserves. So, after the Back to the

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    Play it again

    There was a time when polygons ruled the world and dreams could be broken up into pixels. In those days virtual reality was still far away and digital adventures were a game for kids playing at the bar round the

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