Artist Matteo De Longis authors 18th edition poster of TS+FF

The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, leading Italian science-fiction festival taking place this year from October 30thto November 4th, presentsthe new posterof a much anticipated edition today:  an original drawingcreated by up-and-coming star of Italian graphic art Matteo De Longis, who can claim outstanding collaborations with Marvel and Sergio Bonelli Publishing.

The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival18th edition poster captures a super high-tech girl in the universally recognizable and sudden act of taking a selfie;behind her, the skyline of a hyper-global metropolis. In the words of the author:

Matteo De Longis «Ceci n’est pas de la SF (The Treachery of SF). While making the poster I realized I was critically approaching the subject: I was drawing a city strongly resembling the urban spaces of Ghost In The Shellor Blade Runner, but let’s not fool ourselves, that’s not the future anymore, it’s the present. The girl taking a selfie was born and bread surrounded by this science-fiction-come-true: the net, instant sharing, VR visors, drones, a hyper-global city exploding with lights and consumerism. The present has been catching up with science-fiction for some time now, a young girl turning towards us saying: “we’re already there, what other fantastic and unpredictable things will you invent next?”.

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival 2018 IL POSTER DI MATTEO DE LONGIS

Illustrator and designer Matteo De Longis  was born in Bergamo in 1979. His approach to training as a graphic artist was a hybrid of eastern and western styles. He works across the board putting different worlds and disciplines together: illustration and graphics, comic books and design. His career started in France with a collaboration with Sky-Doll; in 2009 he designed an art-toy, Mekaneko. Thanks to his artistic skills, he has established himself in the comic books field drawing stories and covers for the most prestigious Italian and international publishers, among whichMarvel and Sergio Bonelli Publishing. He is the author of the extraordinary cover of Dylan Dog Color Festand  the stories of Orfani.

His whole visual universe infuses the VOXartbook, an explosion of colours, rock music, female beauty and mechanical design, pubblished in France and in the US in 2013 and 2014 respectively. He is currently working on a solo project, the PRISM, his own comic book series for Bao Publishing.

TS+FF 18: submissions are now open!

Richard K Morgan President of the Jury of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival