Fantastic Film Forum 2019

Fantastic Film Forum is the section of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival dedicated to science fiction and fantastic genres professionals.

After the excellent outcome of the 2018 edition, the section programme will expand to three days packed full of meetings, networking and top quality professional workshops.
A well-structured, consistent programme where participants will be able to investigate the best ways and find the right tools to develop, finance and more importantly sell their projects.

The 2019 edition of the Fantastic Film Forum will focus on film development and distribution, with particular attention to the opportunities given by the new digital media.

The training programme of the Fantastic Film Forum is strucctured over three days in four different but interconnected steps: the two theorical and practical workshops on the development and promotion of audiovisual projects, one session focussing on the features and opportunities of current distribution and the open day, when strategies, opportunities and successful case studies will be studied as a practical example of the work done in the workshops. The programme is scheduled as a single educational, each session being an integration and an extension of the work done in the other sessions.


Artist Jacopo Starace is the author of the poster of 19th TS+FF

Studente di cinema? Il TS+FF ti regala la Fantascienza![:en]Are you a cinema student? TS+FF is offering you the Science Fiction