The preview invasion continues

Space missions in the solar system, giant spiders, Nazi zombies, stories of friendships between humans and robots, post-apocalyptic worlds: these are the stories that will light up the big screen of Sala Tripcovich during the days of Trieste Science+Fiction 2013.


The Festival is announcing five new titles that will be shown as previews in the official selection. There will be Europa Report by Sebastián Cordero a found-footage style feature length film that tells the story of the first voyage to Jupiter’s Moon, Europa, by a multiracial crew on a search for alien life. From the USA we have Big Ass Spider! by Mike Mendez, a re-reading of sci-fi classics on the theme of giant monsters, with a colossal alien spider, escaped from a military lab, ready to unleash its destructive fury on Los Angeles. A steampunk zombie movie set at the end of the second world war, The Frankenstein’s Army by Richard Raaphorst, where an army inspired by the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein acts under the orders of Nazi troops. Robot & Frank is the debut of Jake Schreier, with Frank Langella in the starring role, and tells the story of a bizarre friendship of a man who has Alzheimer’s and a robot programmed to be his carer. And last but not least, The Returned from Spanish director Manuel Carballo sets the scene of a post-apocalyptic world infected by a virus, where the infected live a normal life thanks to a protein which is about to run out.

The Spazio Italia section with pay tribute to Antonio Margheriti, with the screening of the documentary The Outsider – Il Cinema di Antonio Margheriti made by his son Edoardo Margheriti on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death, with interviews from Barbara Bouchet, Enzo G. Castellari, Corinne Clery, Ernesto Gastaldi, William Lustig, Mike Malloy, Franco Nero, Dardano Sacchetti, John Steiner and Antonio Tentori.

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The Days of Monsters and Spaceships