Halloween SciencePlusFiction Party

The Night of the Body Snatchers: official S+F party is ready to kick off again after the undeniable “galactic” success of last year. In Teatro Miela, aliens, mutants, Time Lords, hybrids, vampires, zombies robots, androids and all the appropriately disguised humans will dance til dawn, thanks to the body painting of Francesca Bonifacio and Cecilia Carbonelli, who have the courage to mingle with such an inhuman bunch. Leading the dance, we will once again see The Mothership with a cocktail of new sights and sounds made especially for the night. Also, thanks to the kindness and the fantasy of HG Wells, whom we thank, and with the help of a time machine, Electrosacher will return to command the decks and bombard our “fantastic” audience with their beats, while Faab will burn our retinas with his Vjeing.
live & visuals: the mothership
dj set: electrosacher
vijing & decor: faab
body painting: francesca bonifacio & cecilia carbonelli
Teatro Miela
start: 23h30


The second wave of films

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