The Days of Monsters and Spaceships

“The Days of Monsters and Spaceships” was the title of a documentary filmed by the journalist Italo Soncini during one of the first editions of the International Science Fiction Film Festival of Trieste. On the 50th anniversary of the first edition , in the July of 1963, this title becomes more current than ever and becomes the theme of a show made to tell the story of how, in the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the annual invasion of aliens, robots, zombies and vampires, creatures and mutants, spaceships and flying saucers began. The show’s venue is the Magazzino delle Idee , the new cultural headquarters managed by the Province of Trieste, which is right next to the Casa del Cinema and the Miela Theatre. The materials come from the historical archive of the Science Fiction Festival, ancestor of the Mediateca La Cappella Underground. The “Days of Monsters and Spaceships” show will be open from the 26th October to the 24th November: also coming up is a full calendar of initiatives and meetings!


The preview invasion continues

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