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    Quando anche l’inferno ghiacciaWhen hell freezes over

    Dal regista di One Point O, Jeff Renfroe, un film post apocalittico girato in una ex base aerospaziale. Quando non bastano le avversità climatiche a minacciare l’umanità significa che ci sono in circolazione nuovi predatori. Siamo di fronte ad un …

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    Storie di amori furiosiFurious love stories

    Il prestigioso festival dell’animazione di Annecy si è innamorato di Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury, conferendogli il premio più prestigioso durante la cerimonia di chiusura. Nel caso non vi accontentiate del nostro umile giudizio, questo dovrebbe bastare …

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    Really real reality?

    Based on a book by Rokuro Inui, published in Japan in 2011, titled A Perfect Day for Plesiosaur. Real is the fusion of layers of reality that intersect and cross over each other, becoming confused. Kurosawa’s characteristic pop aesthetic is …

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    Attraverso il fiumeCrossing the river

    Giunto al suo quarto lavoro, non dovrebbe servire spiegare chi è Lorenzo Bianchini. Un paladino del cinema di genere, che in Italia sembra tanto bistrattato e che il nostro festival si pregia invece di supportare e promuovere fino dalla sua …

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    Strange “things” hide in the ice

    The eco-system is at risk. The melting of the ice caps lets creatures loose that have been trapped in the ice for a long time, too long. The contaminated wildlife rebels. Inner passions experienced in the Rammbock editions are reversed …

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    Out of the box star player

    Italian science fiction cinema told by those who were there. Actors and directors talk to us about one of the most beloved and well known film-makers of the genre. Loved in Italy, but most of all abroad: Antonio Margheriti. If …

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    The leopard cannot change its spots.

    In a society such as ours, which finds itself dealing with an ever older population, it becomes more and more important to try and understand who, in the future, will take care of us. Today we live our lives looking …

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    The Iron Curtain of Bruno Pontecorvo

    Bruno Pontecorvo was a scientist noted all over the world for his knowledge in the field of nuclear research. His disappearance, which came at a particularly difficult moment in world history, left more questions than answers.
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    director Diego …

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    Upstream Color

    Shane rose to prominence with a film that is anything but simple. In 2004, Primer was noted for its mathematical perfection. With his new film, Shane abandons his travels through time, but not his peculiar storytelling method. Come together with …

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    Summer nights’ dreams on autumn afternoons

    Second tribute to that genius Salvatores, winner of the Urania prize at Trieste Science+Fiction 2013. The first work from the director who hasn’t been seen in a while. The festival’s audience was pampered as always.

    Teatro Miela / Urania …

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    The Revenge of the Electric Car

    They’re non-polluting, they’re fast and silent. So silent that very few people have realized that they entered the market. “They” are electric cars, and they could well be causing a revolution in transport in the very near future. Are they …

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    Cyberpunk amatriciana rhymes with Nirvana

    It has already been 16 years since his disappearance from Italian screens. A science fiction author who gives hope to the revival of a genre often left at the sidelines in production in our country. This year the director Salvatores …

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