Androids, robots and emotions: Artificial Intelligence at TS+FF

Once again the TS+FF will explore the borders between science and science fiction and the short circuit between fiction and reality.

We will examine the development of artificial intelligence and its effects on our lives: a recurring theme in many of the films of the 2019 edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. What would, for example, be the impact of robots able to tell jokes, talk about music, films and books, cook, clean the house, look after children and elderly people, and have sex, too? No longer science fiction, but already a reality, because sex robots are already amongst us and stirring debate.


Hi, AI 30/10, h 17.30 – Teatro Miela
Blood Machines 30/10, h 20.00 – Teatro Miela
Terminator: Dark Fate 30/10, H 22.00 – Il Rossetti
I Am Human 31/10, ore 17.30 – Teatro Miela
I Am REN 01/11, h 17.00 – Il Rossetti
Moon 01/11, h 22.00 – Teatro Miela
L’umanoide 02/11, h 20.00 – Teatro Miela
The Matrix 03/11, h 11.00 – Il Rossetti



10.00 –  From inflatable dolls to sex robots: AI and the sex industry
Waiters, caregivers, but not only. Sex robots are already among us and at the centre of discussion. At the centre of the stage there is technology, but ethics as well. Are these the new sex slaves? Do they symbolise a further drift of the dehumanisation of human relations?
Paolo Gallina, Engineering and Architecture Department, University of Trieste
Stefania Operto, School of Robotics, Genua
Simona Regina, scientific journalist

11.00 – Sci-Fi daydream or clinical miracle? The emerging world of brain-computer interfaces
From solving disease to inciting a cognitive revolution, the emerging field of brain-computer interfaces offers hope to those in need of clinical solutions but could challenge the very essence of what it means to be human. The panel will discuss the complexities, real world possibilities and imminent implications of the brain-computer interfaces.
Tracy Laabs, Vice-President Wyss Center for the Bioengineering and Neuroengineering
Fabio Pagan, scientific journalist

12.00 – The literary ordnance: when the writer is an artificial intelligence
The latest discoveries in the field of the Natural Language Processing have produced artificial intelligence machines that have become co-authors of narrative works, essays and theatre scripts. Three scientists and a humanist discuss the exploitation of AI in literature.
Felice Dell’Orletta and Giulia Venturi, ItaliaNLP Lab at ILC-CNR Pisa
Gabriele Sarti, University of Trieste
Cristina Fenu, Public Library Attilio Hortis of Trieste

Curated by LETS – Trieste Città della Letteratura Candidata 2019 Città Creativa UNESCO

The program of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival 2019 is online!

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