The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One

Park-Hoon jung
South Korea 2022, 140′

2022 | Neon

Anteprima italiana_Italian Premiere
Out of Competition

L’annunciato sequel del grande successo The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. Tutto comincia quando risorge un’altra Strega. Cynthia si risveglia in un grande e devastato laboratorio segreto dove incontra Kyung-hee e Dae-gil che cercano di proteggerla da una banda di criminali. Quando questi la trovano, nome in codice Ark 1 Datum Point, vengono travolti da una forza inaspettata. Con i soli due amici al suo fianco, Cynthia deve evitare a tutti i costi di essere catturata, mentre la sua visione del mondo cambia totalmente ritrovandosi in una nuova realtà.

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 Trieste Science+Fiction Festival favourite The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion is here! It is the beginning of everything as another Witch wakes up. Cynthia awakens in a gigantic devastated secret laboratory and meets Kyung-hee and Dae-gil, who are trying to protect her from a criminal gang. When the gang finally finds the girl, code name Ark 1 Datum Point, they are overwhelmed by an unexpected power. With her only two friends by her side, Cynthia must avoid capture at all costs as her worldview expands with the advent of a new absolute.

Park Hoon-Jung
Kim Young-Ho, Kim Hong-Mok
Jang Lae-Won
Kim Chang-Sub
Effetti Speciali_Special Effects
Park Kyoung-Soo
Shin Sia, Park Eun-Bin, Seo Eun-Soo, Jin Goo, Sung Yu-Been
Park Hoon-Jung
Goldmoon Film
Distribuzione Internazionale
_International Distribution
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