FIFF 1969

Festival Internazionale del Film di Fantascienza – 7


12-19 July 1969. The First Men on the Moon.
On the 16th of July, during the 7th edition of the Festival, Apollo 11 takes off, taking for the first time a man to the Moon. The leaflet of the Fantastic Art Exhibition, organized in cooperation with Sindacato Regionale Artisti Pittori Scultori e Incisori of Trieste, evokes the first Moon landing.

In the magazine “Oltre il Cielo – Missili e Razzi” special edition about the following Apollo 12 mission (n. 153, nov-dec 1969), there is a section on the International Science Fiction Festival in Trieste. During this edition of the Festival one of the side events is a retrospective exhibition on Roger Corman, who was awarded the Astronave d’argento (Silver Spaceship) in 1963.

The films

The Body Stealers / Gerry Levy
Le dernier homme / Charles L. Bitsch
Destroy All Monsters / Ishirō Honda
Mr. Freedom / William Klein
Tu imagines Robinson / Jean-Daniel Pollet
La poupée rouge / Francis Leroi
La princesse vous demande / Jean Delire
Sem shagov za gorizont / Felix Sobolev
A Time of Roses / Arto Tuominen, Ritva Vepsa, Tarja Markus
Tunnel Under the World / Luigi Cozzi
Windows of Time / Tamas Fejèr
The Illustrated Man / Jack Smight