Fantastic Shorts

We’re explorers of light and stories. We’re collectors of images and sensations. This happens to be our Wunderkammer, and we are putting it at your disposal. Let’s assist together to the exhibition of these trophies from all around the world and bask in the pleasure of contemplation and of the ethereal possession of something so marvelous and thrilling.
In the first room you will find Italy. Monsters and dystopias speaking a language you know well, but which is still capable of surprising . The second room holds the European Mèliés competition. A Babel of nightmares and delusions that will have a profound impact on you. We end this tour with Fantastic Shorts. Be careful not to get lost or captured, otherwise you may become one of the curiosities worth exhibiting.

Spazio Corto

Atmospheres / Marco Vitelli
CE / Alessia Capuccini, Gioacchino D’Amico
Il demone dell’acqua / Cristian Tomassini
Ecce Homo / Andrea Moneta
Framed / Marco Jemolo
Fricozoid / Federico Scargiali
H0_pe 02 / Francesco Bruno Sorrentino, Antonio Genovese
Linea oraria / Walter Rastelli
Lucid Dream / Davide Bastolla
La macchina umana / Adelmo Togliani, Simone Siragusano
Manhunt / Brando Bartoleschi
Nausicaa – L’altra Odissea / Bepi Vigna
L’ora del buio / Domenico De Feudis
Press Play / Luca Casartelli
Pulpette (web series) / Michele Bevilacqua
Stella 1 / Roberto D’Ippolito, Gaia Bonsignore
Tabula rasa / Cristina Baldino
Water Hunters / Massimo Ottoni, Salvatore Centoducati
Wonder / Luigi Pietrobono

European Fantastic Shorts

Apoptosis / Tomaž Gorkič
Astronaut of Featherweight / Dalibor Barić
Best Worker / Cyrill Ngog
Birthday / Alberto Viavattene
Destroy Madrid / Joseba Alfaro
Downside Up / Peter Ghesquière
Eldritch Code / Ivan Radovic
A Father’s Day / Mat Johns
Frail (Puppenspiel) / Ares Ceylan
Hum / Stefano Nurra
The Last Schnitzel / Kaan Arici, Ismet Kurtulus
Mayday / Sébastien Vaniček
Might / Emil Sallinen
Nortik / Tiago Iúri
Off / Martin Nabelek
PM 2.5 / Piotr Biedron
Robot & Scarecrow / Kibwe Tavares
The Sky (Nebo) / Juš Premrov
Timelapse / Aleix Castro
Trauma Industries / Jethro Massey
Voyager / Kjersti Helen Rasmussen

Fantastic Shorts

About Family (De familia) / Adrián Pallares
The Boogeys / Sanjay François Sharma
Flux 324 / Renato Batata
Icarus / Tom Teller
Limbo / Konstantina Kotzamani
M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide) / Alejandro Damiani
Man In The Moon / Monique Mulcahy
The Onlookers / Jason Albury
Ovum / Luciano Blotta
Secretions / Goran Spoljaric
See You Tomorrow (Mañana nos vemos) / Isac Betancourt Valladares

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