TS+FF Education Program

Is it easier to teach how to remember by heart or to guide students towards being able to judge autonomously? The answer singles out the constantly open educational challenge: helping them face the complexity of reality. A challenge that requires the courage to extend your view, to go beyond the limits of what you know and experience everyday, and to try and overcome such limits. It is a challenge that everyone whose work deals with culture should take up. For the second year in a row we offer, with our Education Program, a contribution to growth, leveraging an educational model which prefers multidisciplinarity, fosters the approach to reality by increasing the number of points of view and chances to listen, turns the classroom into a workshop where a number of different media and kinds of knowledge are preferable to a single kind of media and knowledge. This year, the Education Program and its recreational and creative activities open to both children and adults can also count on the collaboration of the Science Center – Immaginario Scientifico. With the help of its experts, it invites us to go beyond the limits of the Earth-orbit, encouraging us to meditate on the physics behind space journeys, inside and outside the screen. So make way for rockets, spaceships and routes to other, mysterious, worlds, from the Imaginary Night in Grignano to the workshops held at Stazione Rogers. Even adults will be requested to cross borders, this time the borders of everyday objects and design, and to test themselves with Digital Fabrication in the TheFabLab intensive modeling and 3D printing workshop called Make it Real!. The deep space, whether imagined or seen at the cinema, will be the Newton’s apple for a bunch of young creatives.

Destination: Space LAB! An interstellar journey on board of rockets and spaceships
What are rockets and spaceships made of? How do they move? Which laws of physics do they obey? The Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico and the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will work together in order to take a closer look at the vehicles that, starting from the 60’s, launched men far away from the Earth’s atmosphere, such as Apollo 13. Likewise, you will be able to take a look at the spaceships invented for Sci-Fi movies such as the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, the Enterprise from Star Trek and the Endurance from Interstellar. After the viewing of excerpts from Sci-Fi movies, the kids will be given the possibility of exercising their creativity and planning abilities in a light-hearted way, and at the end they’ll be able to create their own rockets out of simple recovered material. Complex systems and mechanisms will thusly be simplified through playing.
This activity will be held in Italian.
WHEN Saturday November 4th 2017, 10am – 12pm
WHERE Stazione Rogers, Trieste
WHO 6 – 10 years old kids
HOW MUCH The entrance fee is 5,00 euros
HOW Applications will be open from October 13th 2017 (education@scienceplusfiction.org)
INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS education@scienceplusfiction.org

Destination: Space! Illustrated manual on rockets and space ships
How do the Blade Runner spinners manage to fly between the Los Angeles skyscrapers in the movie? How much engine power must a rocket have to leave the Earth’s orbit? What’s a space program? Do space ships only exist in Sci-Fi movies? These are some of the questions that will be answered by experts at the Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico during a fun meeting with projections and analyses of some of the most fascinating film sequences about space travels and adventures created for the big screen, made by cinema experts from the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival.
This activity will be held in Italian.
WHEN Saturday November 4th 2017, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
WHERE Stazione Rogers, Trieste
WHO 11 to 14 years old kids
HOW MUCH The entrance fee is 5,00 euros
HOW The admissions are open from October 13th 2017 (education@scienceplusfiction.org)
INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS education@scienceplusfiction.org

Destination: Space! Interstellar journey on board of space ships and shuttles
Starting with the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, passing through the Star Trek Enterprise, the Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Axiom from WALL-E and the Endurance from Interstellar and up to the Apollo 13 and the most famous shuttles ever built for the space race, La Notte Immaginaria by Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will lead its brave “sailors” to the discovery of corridors and computers of the most fantastic space ships.
Under the lead of experts from the Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico, the little ones will be able to understand the physics of interstellar travel and gawk in front of the fantastic spaceships built by men in and out of the cinematographic setting.
This activity will be held in Italian.
WHEN Saturday November 4th 2017, from 8.30pm – 9pm to 8.30am – 9am
WHERE Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico, Riva Massimiliano e Carlotta 15, Trieste
WHO 7 – 11 years old kids
WHAT The participants shall come to the museum after dinner. For the educational recreational activities the kids will be sorted into groups. They will sleep in sleeping bags inside of the museum. In the morning they will be offered a “scientific” breakfast before going back home. It’s kindly requested for the participants to bring their own sleeping bags and mats, toothbrushes and toothpastes.
HOW MUCH The cost is of 39,00 euros (reduced fees for brothers and sisters 35,00 euros)
HOW The admissions are open from the 13th to the 30th of October (iscrizioni@immaginarioscientifico.it); La Notte Immaginaria will be held with minimum 20 kids
INFORMATION Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico Trieste +39040224424

Digital Fabrication Workshop
Lo spazio in tasca: build your Sci-Fi gadget with TheFabLab:Make It Real

Thanks to 3D printers it’s now possible to print anything, anywhere: a useful object, an object that is simply aesthetically pleasing, an artifact expressing a precise graphic sketch – built perfectly.
The Digital Fabrication Workshop by TheFabLab: Make It Real is a lab and a gym of italian digital fabrication. Everyday we work on creating a culture of innovation and testing strategies for the future of design, and we will lead you to the discovery of the processes required for the design and 3D printing. The aim is to create an original and personal gadget, designed and created by the participants. The starting point: the charm of deep space, the one crossed by space shuttles seaching for new worlds, the space where mysterious alien creatures live, as the Sci-Fi tradition made us used to thinking. The activity will be lead by Matteo Ordanini.
WHEN Thursday November 2nd 2017, 10am – 1pm / 2pm – 6pm
WHERE Stazione Rogers, Trieste
WHO Adults (Creative targets) MAX 15
HOW MUCH €50,00 entrance fee
HOW Applications open October 16th 2017 (education@scienceplusfiction.org)
INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS education@scienceplusfiction.org

Images from the Future

The Night of the Body Snatchers with Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk)