Méliès d’or – the winners

The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival hosted again the award ceremony of the Méliès d’or, the Oscars of European fantastic cinema, transforming our city into the European Capital of Fantastic Cinema once more.
The Méliès d’or prize is awarded every year by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation to the best European fantastic feature film. A movie chosen among the winners of the Méliès d’argent in each one of the EFFFF-affiliated film festivals. The competition also awards the best European fantastic short film.
The jury, composed of Beatrice Fiorentino, Fabrizio Liberti and Jean-François Rauger chose THELMA by Joachim Trier, and EXPIRE by Magali Magistry.

Best feature film
THELMA by Joachim Trier
The awakening of sexuality in a young woman allows us to discover the secret of a family that reinterprets the contemporary relationship between mythology and reality. Like a modern witch, Thelma rebels and crushes the patterns imposed by society.

Best short film
EXPIRE by Magali Magistry
In the short format, Magali Magistry builds a fascinating science fiction universe from rarefied atmospheres, filled with contemporary anguish and youthful impulses. A short post-apocalyptic fable suspended between love, instinct of survival and flashes of happiness.

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