The Night of the Body Snatchers with Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk)

Many artists have a successful career, but few are those who draw a line after which nothing will ever be the same again. Wolfgang Flür, born in 1947, was a member of Kraftwerk, the four musicians from Dusseldorf who, between the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1990s imagined the music of the future to the point of in uencing it and drafting its guidelines still currently in use. The computer, robotics and global telecommunication at that time may have featured in a very good sci-fi movie, but Kraftwerk were inspired by them to write timeless music, and their vision of the future and of the relations between man, music and machine have turned out to be incredibly prophetic.
Wolfgang Flür took care of the rhythm section and thanks to him we unequivocally recognize the band at the first “boom tschak”. It was exactly the synth rhythm, often produced by man-made instruments, which characterized the band’s golden age which goes from 1974, with the publication of Autobahn to 1987, the year of Electric Cafè. In between, they created a number of milestones of contemporary music. Since then, Flür has been doing a lot: he wrote a very good autobiography, Was a Robot; together with Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars he created the Yamo project and he published a solo record, Eloquence.
His proposal for the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is a dj-set+visuals retracing his career to date.

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