Stoya brings an intergalactic love story at TS+FF

After announcing the participation of British writer Richard K. Morgan, the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is pleased to welcome another special guest: Stoya, porn movie icon and a writer, protagonist of the Serbian Sci-Fi film Ederlezi Rising, an Italian premiere of this year’s official selection, will be meeting the audience at the film’s screening.

Stoya, one of the most famous porn actresses in the world, is also a women’s rights activist and a writer. She has published in a number of well-known newspapers and magazines, among which The New York Times, The Guardian, VICE and many more. Ederlezi Rising by Lazar Bodroza, where she portrays a beautiful android, is her first role outside porn movies.

Ederlezi Rising by Lazar Bodroža
Serbian director Lazar Bodroža’s debut film will be presented as an Italian premiere in the competition section of this year’s official selection of the Trieste Science+Fiction festival. In a dystopic future, socialism has replaced capitalism while big corporations are colonizing new planets. The astronaut Milutin (Sebastian Cavazza) is sent on a mission to Alpha Centauri by the Ederlezi Corporation. His companion in this interstellar journey is Nimani (Stoya), an android with an advanced operating system enabling her to be at his side and assist him. A surreal love story in the intergalactic space, where the science-fiction setting is a perfect frame fo a tale of intense indivisual stories which are also a complex metaphor of society at large although far from the conventions of reality.

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