The Neon movies for today

Tomorrow, the competition begins. The race to win the Asteroide prize starts in the afternoon with the showing of four of the competing films. Kicking off the day at 3.00pm is Troll Hunter, by André Ovredal, a successful advertiser, who has directed many short films. The film follows a group of Norwegian hunters and students, who tag along with a strange character who hunts these mysterious creatures in order to find out what is happening in their country.
From another advertising director comes The Show Must Go On by Nevio Marasovic, which will be shown at 5.00pm. The film has won several national prizes and is now competing for the Méliès prize. The film shows a not too distant future in which a new world war devastates the planet, but the contestants of the reality show Housed are kept in the dark about it.
At 8.00pm, Stake Land by Jim Mickle will be shown, a film in which America has become a dark open grave thanks to an epidemic of vampirism. While the survivors take refuge in rural areas, Martin, a young orphan, follows a grey-haired rebel hunter to track down the undead.
The last film will be shown at 10.15pm, and that film is Extraterrestrial by Nacho Vigalondo (Extraterrestre, Spain, 2011, 90′, sub. eng/ita.), the director who won the 2007 Asteroide prize. In the film, a man and a woman wake up in the same bed after a bender which neither of them can remember. He falls in love with her immediately, but she doesn’t feel the same way. Suddenly they see on the news that a giant alien spaceship is sitting in the sky…

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