Gipi: masterclass and screening

The Earth of the movie L’Ultimo Terrestre is approached by aliens, finding themselves in an exhausted and disillusioned country. The plot of this movie – the first by Gian Alfonso Pacinotti (Gipi), already known for his comic books – is not about an alien civilization meeting a whole population, instead the eye of the camera focuses on one man and his story. Luca Bertacci is a lonely man with depp relational problems, but the aliens’ arrival will change everything.: “there different kinds of aliens in this movie- explained Pacinotti – but what really matters is that these creatures coming from outer space, unlike humans, are able to tell the difference between good and evil. All of these aspects contribute to create some sort of a mystic atmosphere, more similar to that of an universal judgment than that of an alien invasion”. It is easier to think that these aliens landed on Earth for Luca. As a precious gift.

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