Cyberpunk amatriciana rhymes with Nirvana

It has already been 16 years since his disappearance from Italian screens. A science fiction author who gives hope to the revival of a genre often left at the sidelines in production in our country. This year the director Salvatores re-engages in the world of sci-fi amd we celebrate it in our own way: offering him a Urania Prize and screening his film which is dear to all of us.

Teatro Miela / Premio Urania
by Gabriele Salvatores
Italy, 1997, 113’, col., HD
with Christopher Lambert, Diego Abatantuono, Sergio Rubini
Founder of homegrown cyberpunk, a flash of sci-fi lightning that illuminated the screens of prehistoric 1997, Nirvana reminds us that in it is still possible to imagine future worlds, design spaces and create cities in Italy. Just close your eyes, and let fantasy and inspiration take over, taking you on a journey of playful escapism.
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