The Revenge of the Electric Car

They’re non-polluting, they’re fast and silent. So silent that very few people have realized that they entered the market. “They” are electric cars, and they could well be causing a revolution in transport in the very near future. Are they really a winning choice? Will they manage to replace internal combustion engines? These and other questions will be the subject of the special events about electric cars that have been organized in collaboration with the ARPA FVG Regional Lab for Environmental Education.
The screening of the documentary Revenge of the Electric Car by Chris Paine – his second about electric cars after the success of Who Killed the Electric Car?, made in 2006 and presented at Trieste Science+Fiction in 2010 – will be the opportunity for a meeting with science journalist Roberto Rizzo where not only the theory, but the practical applications of electric cars will be investigated. A test drive in the Trieste Molo 4 space will give the chance to see the challenges and perspectives of contemporary transport in practice.


Roberto Rizzo – author of Guida all’auto ecologica, i prodotti di oggi e le idee per il futuro (A guide to eco-cars: current products and ideas for the future), published by Edizioniambiente in 2010 – and Gianfranco Padovan – president of the Energoclub Association and author of Questa svolta tocca a noi. Guida alla transizione dalle fonti fossili alle rinnovabili per famiglie, imprese, comuni (It’s our turn now: a guide to transition from fossil fuel to renewable resources for families, private enterprises, municipalities), published by Altreconomia in 2013 – , our guests in this event within the Futurology Meetings programme, will help us to see how transport may be challenged by new initiatives and informed action, considering our cities’ needs and limitations.
Saturday November 2nd 3.00pm
Magazzino delle Idee
Special Event ARPA FVG/LaREA
Revenge of the Electric Car
by Chris Paine
meeting with Roberto Rizzo (science journalist) and Paolo Fedrigo (ARPA – LaREA)
Revenge of the Electric Car
2011, 90’, col,

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