<<<<< S+F VIRAL GAME >>>>>
Yesterday, the 28th November, the S+F VIRAL GAME was released: a game that will unite all the online channels of the Science+Fiction festival.
Wednesday 28th November CLUE n. 1
On our Facbook page you will find a picture posted at 6.00pm
Thursday 29th November CLUE n.2
On the website www.sciencefictionfestival.org you will find a video on the homepage under the News section at 6.00pm

Friday 30th November CLUE n. 3
On the Twitter page @triestescifi, you will find a quote posted at 6.00pm
Saturday 1st December Main QUESTION
On the app at the bottom of the press conference page you will find the question to solve the game.
To download the app (iPhone and Android) you can send an email to info@sciencefictionfestival.org or scan the QR code on the programme with your smartphone.

The clues will stay on the pages until the beginning of the festival on the 5th December. The first 3 people who send an email with the exact answer to info@sciencefictionfestival.org will win FREE CREDIT.
Clue no.2 is nothing other than the video that you see when you open this article.
Good luck!

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