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    Futurologia — docs & talks

    The futurology meetings, which have been balancing science and science-fiction for years within the framework of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, are being restyled for this year’s edition. The idea is to hold our traditional in-depth meetings, carried out in collaboration …

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    An interview with Stefano Bollani

    The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will again, just as in 2015, host the award ceremony of the Méliès d’or, the Oscar of European fantastic cinema, trasforming Trieste again into the European Capital of Fantastic Cinema. The ceremony of the Méliès d’or

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    The long journey to Shadow Planet

    The Shadow Planet, published by SaldaPress for the independent label Radium, is an explosive mix of retro sci-fi, exploitation and horror by the Blasteroid Bros, the collective made by screenwriter Giovanni “James” Barbieri, illustrator Gianluca “Johnny” Pagliarani and colorist …

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    TS+FF su Rai 4

    Si rinnova anche quest’anno la partnership tra il Trieste Science+Fiction Festival e Rai 4, il canale televisivo che dal 2008 promuove il cinema di qualità che affronta con un piglio originale il genere.

    Rai 4 sarà presente al Festival triestino …

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    Official program

    From October 31st to November 5th, Trieste will turn once again into the European capital of fantastic cinema. One week of previews, short films, classics and cult movies. And this year, also the Oscar of European fantastic cinema, with the …

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    Oracle – Asteroide Award 2017

    Since its beginnings, the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival has been keeping the objective to entrust the realization of the Asteroide Award to an under 40 artist from Trieste, in order to promote and shine a light over local creative talents by …

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    Marjorie Prime to open TS+FF 2017

    The opening film of the 17th edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will be an Italian premiere: Marjorie Prime, by Michael Almereyda. It is based on the acclaimed play by Pulitzer nominee Jordan Harrison. Marjorie Prime has …

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    Fantabollani: the movies

    On the “Oscar night” of european fantastic cinema – the 21st Méliès d’or Ceremony – Stefano Bollani will be a special guest of the TS+FF, with an extraordinary program: musical accompainments to classic movies, surprises and symbols of the early …

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    LRNZ goes to Politeama Rossetti

    The Politeama Rossetti is the location for the personal exhibition dedicated to the author of the graphic image of this year’s festival: the audience will be introduced to Lorenzo Ceccotti, a.k.a LRNZ, through a selection of his precious original drawings. …

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    Fantastic Film Forum

    The Fantastic Film Forum is the section of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival dedicated to fantastic and genre film professionals. Producers, filmmakers, film professionals, renowned masters and emerging talents will get together for a one-day long session of conferences, masterclasses …

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    TS+FF Education Program

    Is it easier to teach how to remember by heart or to guide students towards being able to judge autonomously? The answer singles out the constantly open educational challenge: helping them face the complexity of reality. A challenge that requires …

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