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  • TS+FF 17: the photogallery

    Here all the photos about the latest edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival: find more!

  • All the TS+FF 2017 winners

    THE MAN WITH THE MAGIC BOX by Bodo Kox is the winner of the Asteroide prize (assigned to the best feature film of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival). The international jury, formed by Stefano Disegni, Chris Oosterom and Milan Todorović, chose the film according to the following motivation: “with a visually striking production design, the director creates a universe reminiscent of […]

  • The return of the awarded films

    Monday, November 6, as is tradition, the winners of the Festival will be replayed at Cinema Ariston. 4pm – Méliès d’argent Award: Loop (Hurok) by Isti Madarász preceded by Méliès d’argent (best short movie): The Last Schnitzel by Kaan Arici, Ismet Kurtulus 6.30pm – Asteroide Award: The Man with the Magic Box (Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem) by Bodo […]

  • Méliès d’or – the winners

    The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival hosted again the award ceremony of the Méliès d’or, the Oscars of European fantastic cinema, transforming our city into the European Capital of Fantastic Cinema once more. The Méliès d’or prize is awarded every year by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation to the best European fantastic feature film. A movie […]

  • Official program

    From October 31st to November 5th, Trieste will turn once again into the European capital of fantastic cinema. One week of previews, short films, classics and cult movies. And this year, also the Oscar of European fantastic cinema, with the Méliès d’or Ceremony and Stefano Bollani’s concert. And also exhibitions, monsters, meetings, encounters of the […]

  • Fantabollani: the movies

    On the “Oscar night” of european fantastic cinema – the 21st Méliès d’or Ceremony – Stefano Bollani will be a special guest of the TS+FF, with an extraordinary program: musical accompainments to classic movies, surprises and symbols of the early days of Sci-Fi cinema. Voyage à travers l’impossible, by Geroges Méliès, France, 1904 Voyage dans […]

  • Fantastic Shorts

    We’re explorers of light and stories. We’re collectors of images and sensations. This happens to be our Wunderkammer, and we are putting it at your disposal. Let’s assist together to the exhibition of these trophies from all around the world and bask in the pleasure of contemplation and of the ethereal possession of something so […]

  • Fantastic Film Forum

    The Fantastic Film Forum is the section of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival dedicated to fantastic and genre film professionals. Producers, filmmakers, film professionals, renowned masters and emerging talents will get together for a one-day long session of conferences, masterclasses and networking events with cinema experts. The primary goal is to create a meeting point which […]

  • The Night of the Body Snatchers with Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk)

    Many artists have a successful career, but few are those who draw a line after which nothing will ever be the same again. Wolfgang Flür, born in 1947, was a member of Kraftwerk, the four musicians from Dusseldorf who, between the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1990s imagined the music of […]

  • Accreditation 2017

    From October 31st, to November 5th, at the new prestigious location of the Politeama Rossetti, as well as at the Miela theatre and the Ariston cinema, Trieste will turn once again into the european capital of fantastic cinema. During the seventeenth edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, on November 3rd, there will be the 21st […]

  • Méliès d’Or Ceremony: Stefano Bollani at TS+FF

    A concert by renowned jazz artist Stefano Bollani will be held to celebrate the Méliès d’Or Ceremony, which is scheduled on November 3rd, 2017 at Politeama Rossetti. From October 31st to November 5th, Trieste will once again become the European capital of fantastic cinema hosting the 21st Golden Méliès Ceremony. The European Fantastic Film Festivals […]

  • Trieste Science+Fiction Festival announces the first titles of this year’s official selection

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival 2017 official selection’s first titles have been revealed. The festival will explore the many worlds of the fantastic genre through debut films, emerging directors and genre gems filled with robots, zombies, spaceships and fascinating theories on a future still to be built, as anticipated in the image of this year’s official poster […]