Open day: meetings, seminars, case histories and networking

Fantastic Film Forum 2019

Fantastic Film Forum
Day 3 – Thursday, October 31st, 2019 
Meetings, seminars, case histories and networking
The day is structured along the lines of the previous Forum editions; it features an intensive programme of meetings and masterclasses with film professionals, plus a networking lunch and a B2B session to better establish contacts and share experiences. The open day format, accessible to all Sci-Fi PRO badge holders and professional guests of the festival, makes this day the central moment of the Fantastic Film Forum.

The programme will focus mainly on sales and distribution of audiovisual products, but will also provide an outlook on production trends and opportunities for contemporary fantastic film production.

Sci-Fi PRO and Guest badges holder only
Press may access upon request to the Press Office (

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Keynote speech

Perspectives on new global cinema
A meeting with one of the most active and skilful professionals in the field, who discovered talents all around the world and produced international successes such as The Raid, Baskin and Vivarium. Highly experienced in international and digital film distribution – his company XYZ Films licensed more than 200 film in the last 10 years and is a regular film content provider for Netflix – Todd Brown is the fittest person to bring us into the heart of the 2019 Fantastic Film Forum topics.

Speaker: Todd Brown, Head of International Acquisitions, XYZ Films (USA)

Round table

How to promote and sell a film: the buyers’ point of view
Buyers play a key role in the film industry: they select projects for film production and distribution and are crucial for the outcome of any audiovisual work. But what’s the work of a Head of Acquisitions like? And most of all: what is the best strategy to approach them? A meeting with some acquisitions executives to understand how to efficiently sell your project.

Confirmed speakers: Dario Vecchiato, Head of Acquisitions, Gapbusters (Belgium); Iseult Mac Call, TV Acquisitions, RAI Cinema (Italy); Stéphanie Trepanier (Canada); Lorenzo Ferrari Ardicini, President, CG Entertainment and Univideo (Italy).

Networking lunch

Round table

International co-production in the era of global cinema
The digital revolution has made the contemporary film industry more and more global and hectic – and the practice of international co-production more and more necessary. A discussion on trends and opportunities of international cinema open to all professionals in the audience, trying to understand where new global cinema is heading to.

Confirmed speakers: Brendan McCarthy, producer, Fantastic Films (Irlanda); Brian Yuzna, producer (USA); Thierry Phlips, chairman, Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival (Belgium).

B2B meetings
Meetings with some of the decision-makers and consultants attending the festival: collective meetings on a first come first served basis, 30 minutes slots, no reservation required.
Click here for the list of decision-makers.

Coffee break

Case history

Cinema, crowdsourcing and digital: meeting with Timo Vuorensola
Timo Vuorensola, director of the Iron Sky saga, started an utterly innovative way of producing films, using crowdsourcing and digital opportunities at their best and launching an international career. Fifteen years after his debut, Timo goes back over his unconventional career and discusses how crowdsourced cinema has changed and how important it may still be.

Speaker: Timo Vuorensola, director (Finlandia)

Meetings will be held in English.

How to participate
Access to the Fantastic Film Forum is limited to Sci-Fi Pro badge holders.
Sci-Fi Pro accreditation may be purchased online at €70.00 on the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival official page on Eventival.