Méliès d’Or Ceremony: Stefano Bollani at TS+FF

A concert by renowned jazz artist Stefano Bollani will be held to celebrate the Méliès d’Or Ceremony, which is scheduled on November 3rd, 2017 at Politeama Rossetti.

From October 31st to November 5th, Trieste will once again become the European capital of fantastic cinema hosting the 21st Golden Méliès Ceremony. The European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation annually awards a Méliès d’Or to the best European fantastic feature and short film. The 21st Méliès d’Or Ceremony will take place at Trieste Science+Fiction Festival on November 3rd: a not-tobe-missed event that the organizers of La Cappella Underground wants to make even more precious with a unique concert by Stefano Bollani.

Daniele Terzoli, Director of the Festival, states: ‘Trieste is a world-renowned science center: it will be the European City of Science – hosting the EuroScience Open Forum – in 2020, and it will be the European capital of fantastic cinema hosting once again the Méliès d’Or ceremony, the Oscar of the European fantastic cinema. To celebrate the event we are proud to welcome a symbol of Italian excellence, artist Stefano Bollani, one of the most important jazz pianists in the world. In the work of Bollani, who is a great fan of science fiction, aliens are a recurring theme, as testified by – among others – his album “Arrivano gli alieni” and his latest book “Dialogo tra alieni”. We asked Stefano Bollani to score a movie program on the origins of the sci-fi cinema, a mix of classics, surprises and pillars of the Italian and European cinema, in the gorgeous setting of Politeama Rossetti. We are truly honored that the great pianist has agreed to take up our challenge!’

Ticket prices
▶ €15 for the accredited of the TS+FF (the concert tickets can be bought exclusively along with the accreditation)
▶ €20 for the accredited to Il Rossetti (tickets available exclusively at the Politeama Rossetti)
▶ €30 full price

Full price tickets are available online on Vivaticket, at the Politeama Rossetti, and at any VIvaticket authorised reseller.

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