Asteroide Prize 2013

Trieste Science+Fiction – International Science Fiction Festival is happy to announce that the Asteroid Prize for the 2013 edition will be created by Michele Spanghero, an emerging international artist, born in Gorizia in 1979. The prize, made by a different artist every year to award the best works of Italian and international directors of the science fiction and fantasy genres, will be a smaller version of the “Voice of Space”. It is a steel sphere, which reproduces the harmonies of the stationary waves of the room in which it is found, investigating the acoustic properties of the resonance of the space in which the sculpture is positioned. A work that “for the synthesis and the suggestions that it evokes, for the happy union between technology and sculptural technique in an iconic, essential, representative, inclusive and welcoming form.”was awarded the Premio Icona 2012, led by the director of Mart, Cristiana Collu and by Paola Marini, director of the Museums of Art and Monuments of the Municipality of Verona.


Michele Spanghero:
A graduate in Modern Literature from the University of Trieste, Spanghero attended music, sound design and video making workshops. Fresh from the victory of the BLUMM Online Prize, by Martina Cavallarin, from the Italian Embassy in Brussels, Michele Spanghero showed his work and was exhibited in various international contests in museums, galleries, fairs, theatres, clubs and festivals in Italy, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the USA. His work focuses on the research of a natural synthesis between the expressive forms of acoustic and visual arts. In the field of music, as a double bass player and composer, his interest is mainly in the exploration of timbre and the expressive possibilities of improvisation. In his photographic works, a true correlation with the practice of music is revealed: the attention towards the spatial element, registers silences and imperceivable sound variations, focuses on geometry, brief glimpses, marginal elements where that which the spectator sees and hears isn’t overwhelmed by preconceived information, allowing the creative process to intervene with a methodical reformation of the meaning of reality.

Gabriele Salvatores, Urania d’Argento Prize 2013

Accreditation 2013