Make Way for Spazio Italia!

Largo a Spazio Italia!
Day 3, double the seats. Today projection rooms are doubled. While the review of the competition movies keeps going on in the main base in Tripcovich, in the Miela Theatre, the legendary “Spazio Italia”,a traditional appointment of Trieste Science+Fiction introduced, with free entry, where the best Italian scifi movies expose the resources in the country.
At 16.30 everything begins with “No Gravity”, documentary by Silvia Casalino, in the running for the Méliès d’Argent, where the world of the astronauts turns pink. This is followed by “Mia” (18.00) which tells us about a planetary catastrophe in the snowy Appennins and “Pandemia” (20.15) where water becomes death’s vehicle in a land in search of salvation.
The closing movie will be “The Legend of Kaspar Hauser”, modern reboot of the myth with music written by “Vitalic”.
The 4 movies will be FREE ENTRY and commentated by the directors Fulvio Ottaviano, Lucio Fiorentino and Davide Manuli.
Scifi turns blue.

silvia-casalino-no-gravity-08 (1)

The butterfly room

Are you ready for the end of the world?