Gipi comic designer present his debut film

Born in Pisa in ’63 Gipi (but in the film credited with his first name) had never done a film before. When Domenico Procacci asked him to write a movie, he left pencil on the table, and probably a half-drawn comic, and became the director and screenwriter of The Last Man on Earth.
The story takes place during the last week before the extraterrestrials’ arrival on Earth. The extraterrestrials find a weary and disillusioned country, in a serious economic crisis. But the film does not tells the story of people, and instead follows the life of Luca Bertacchi, a man with huge relationship problems. But the extraterrestrials’ arrival will change everything. It’s difficult, at the end of the story, to think that these extraterrestrials came for “doomsday” but rather just for him. As a gift …
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