George Romero at the Festival

Director of fantasy, science fiction and horror masterpieces, D.p, editor and actor (famous are his “raids” in his films, a little like Alfred Hitchcock did), George Romero will be hosted in Trieste Science + Fiction 2011 to receive the life achievement award, the Silver Urania award, which is given annually to the festival.
For those who have little memory, these are just a few Romero titles: Night of theLiving Dead (his debut in black and white), The Crazies, The Dark Half (based on the novel by Stephen King) , Creepshow, and the recent Bruiser (2000) and Land of the Dead (2005). 2005 is the year of the revival of his career the success of Land of the Dead opens the way for two sequels: Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead, which premiered at the sixty-sixth Venice Film Festival.


It’s time for the inauguration!

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